Merging Love: Ysabeau & Kaede, E Kaarb Yecart
E Kaarb Yecart

Merging Love: Ysabeau & Kaede

When two strangers meet in a bar one fateful night little did they know that their love story was about to begin.
Destiny stepped in and decided to give the two unsuspecting lovers a helping hand in finding their way to one another.
This is their story: Ysabeau and Kaede!! Falling in love with someone isn't always going to be easy……anger…. tears……laughter……
It's when you want to be together despite it all. That's when you truly love another.
It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does not depart. True love is eternal.
Take a journey with Ysabeau and Kaede as they discover what love really means to each of them as well as the challenges that they face along the way.
478 printed pages
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