Adam Jolly

Winning with IP

Lessons and insights into how IP is inspiring and fuelling the next wave of high growth

Growth is ever more centred on intellectual property. In tech. In innovation. In people. In disruptive models. In data. Those who integrate IP into their strategy, culture and mindset are significantly more likely to grow at pace. This book discusses how entrepreneurs, innovators and executives can put IP at the heart of their business, so they source the right ideas, create intellectual assets of value to their users and negotiate the best deals for themselves. It draws on the knowledge and experience of 20 leading IP players of today and tomorrow, including the innovation support team at the European Patent Office, to give a series of insights and lessons into how IP inspires and fuels growth of 10 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent and more, not just this year, but next year and into the future.


'A must read for those looking to win with IP — a real keeper', Audrey Yap, president, Licensing Executives Society International. 'Inspires, guides, suggests and rewards with insights of tremendous advantage for an IP-based organizational strategy', Kristina Babelytė-Labanauskė, head of the innovation office, Vilnius University. 'Essential reading for all CEOs, CTOs and board directors who want to deliver on their company's plans', Brian More, scale-up director, Inventya.


(Introduction) High-growth enterprises matter (1) Catch the growth wave of innovation (2) Transactions powered by intellectual assets (3) SMEs, IP and high-level performance (4) IP for investors and the flotation of Marinomed (5) IP for business plans and investor meetings (6) The evolution of IP in high-growth companies (7) IP scenarios for fast growth (8) Managing the IP in technology lifecycles (9) Competitive intelligence for high-growth ventures (10) IP and China's growing technology leadership (11) Innovating with the Mittelstand (12) Immunology, patents and high growth (13) Digital innovation and the growing challenge of standard essential patents (14) IP and the momentum of growth (15) Negotating IP terms for SMEs (16) People as enablers of intellectual assets (Appendix) IP annex of Marinomed's prospectus for its initial public offering, February 2019.


European Patent Office • Licensing Executives Society International • High Growth Enterprise Taskforce • Yusarn Audrey • Centre for Intellectual Property • Peters IP Consultancy • Globalator • TUM-Tech • Weickmann & Weickmann • Dennemeyer • Cohausz & Florack • Huber & Schuessler • Minesoft • Coventry University • Gleiss Große Schrell • Meissner Bolte • Grünecker • Gramm Lins • Robert Marshall • Adéla Dvořáková


Adam Jolly is a business writer, editor and publisher who specializes in growth, innovation, technology and leadership. He has produced titles for many leading organizations and has written extensively about the challenges facing entrepreneurs, innovators and directors. Recent titles have been described as 'at the cutting edge of real-time digital innovation' by EasyJet and as 'an ideal manual for ambitious entrepreneurs' by StartUp Britain.

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