Alex Askaroff

Have I Got A Story For You

Time for a little treat!

You may have seen Alex on television (his latest frolic was on the Great British Sewing Bee) or you may have met him in person when he called to fix your sewing machine, but few realise that he is a well published author with eight books under his belt and two publishers, here and in America. His best selling books are available in over 40 countries worldwide. Alex has been described as one of the most successful authors to come out of Sussex for a decade and Eastbourne’s most versatile writer.

Alex Askaroff continues, “When my American publishers asked me how I keep on writing such amazing stories I had to tell them that it was not really me but my customers, they just keep coming up with the most brilliant true stories about their lives and I keep scribbling them down in my own way. We all love stories don't we! In my latest book I just continue with my travels around the South East of England collecting more hilarious and enchanting ones as I go.

My eighth book, Have I Got A Story For You, was so popular we sold out in the first month and we had to reprint. It is always a pat on the back when so many people love your work. This book is another rip-roaring, rollercoaster ride through East Sussex, along both her roads and her history. There is The Cavendish Poltergeist, the sailor who saved King Charles in Brighton, Albert Blake who protected Eastbourne in March 1943 from the Luftwaffe, the ghost of Arthur Conan Doyle and much, much more. From local war heroes and smugglers to ghostly goings on, the book is crammed with amazing stories and photographs. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but all will have you captivated.

There are also loads of fascinating pictures and even a couple of recipes that I just had to put in like Tina's genuine yummy Naples Pizza, made by the same family for countless generations.”

What other people have been saying…

“Once again Alex brings his unique magic to the page and captures England, its history and its people as only he can.” The Argus.

“Light-hearted and a pure joy to read,” A P Holden.

«You’ll be back for more," County Life.

“Genius,” Southern Counties BBC radio.

“A local gem,” Aspect County Magazine.

“Entrancing stories and travels around Sussex,” Sussex Books

“Quite possibly the best book I have ever read,” J Vincent.

“More great tales from the master storyteller.” B Huggett.

“Inspiring descriptions of our countryside.” M Burgess.

“I have had the book a week and read it twice already!” Pat Swinden
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