The Texan and the Panther: Dexter and Samantha’s Halloween Adventure, Barbara Carey-Rydberg
Barbara Carey-Rydberg

The Texan and the Panther: Dexter and Samantha’s Halloween Adventure

A brisk autumn chill is in the air, and the full moon is slowly rising. Dexter and Samantha—the new kids on the block—are suited up and ready for a night of trick-or-treating. They wander through their unexplored neighborhood in their Halloween costumes, not quite sure what to expect.
Dexter has his trusty flashlight, his cowboy lasso, and his six-shooter squirt gun at his side. Samantha has full confidence in her older brother’s wrangling skills, as she herself blends into the blackness of the night in her sleek and mysterious jungle panther costume.
This will be a night full of wonder, candy, and the thrill of exploring, but the evening holds a surprise for Dexter and Samantha. When they dare go beyond the borders of their neighborhood, this simple pastime becomes a marvelous adventure, and the town will never be the same again.
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