Oliver M.Dick

Images in the Clouds

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“Images in the Clouds” takes place over generation and in the minds of its characters. It is a story of the search for “freedom of mind,” which over generations people have forgotten and societies have suppressed. It explores how the social/political technologies, (Religion, flags, country’s…), which past eras constructed take control of the minds of “individuals” in our populations. The concepts of countries, of religion… are so ingrained in us that we no longer contemplate them we only feel them. We kill, we die, we define ourselves by words, names, and flags… which have so many meanings they have no meaning at all. In this story the real fight is against our anger and hate, whatever its cause. And the only place to fight it is within our own mind.

Images in the Clouds has three sections. The first section is set in biblical time. It focuses on a few people who dedicate their lives to peace and love, and the movement that spring from their lives. The second section is set a short time later when the movement developed into a religion, which is starting to be called “Christian.” It is the time of Roman dominance and the leadership of Caesar Constantine. At first Caesar and Christianity are in conflict, then Caesar declares himself Christian and becomes part of the religion. The final section is set in modern day. It develops around a conservative politician whose life ambition is to become the president of the United States. He accepts support from Christian extremists who pressure him to start a holy war against non-Christians. The politician lays the groundwork for their holy war, but then becomes aware of the roots of their religion and attempts to stop what he has put into motion.
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