Desert Prince, Exiled Princess, Catherine Carson
Catherine Carson

Desert Prince, Exiled Princess

Whilst growing up in Badiyah Princess Aisha has always found solace in her friendship with Prince Rafik al Abia whom she has loved forever, but after an incident which involved a young English woman he sees her as nothing but an interfering busybody who should be married off to someone who can keep her under control.
When her Father arranges such a marriage for her with a man thirty years her senior she escapes to England to enlist the help of her English friends.
Rafik hears of her Father’s intention to bring her back forcefully and he goes to England to find her but unfortunately she misconstrues his intentions and so she finds herself exiled from both Badiyah and Abia.
After almost three years her English friends attempt to reconcile the rift between the couple but like all good intentions matters are only made worse by their interference.
89 printed pages
Original publication


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