K. Adrian Zonneville

To Dance Among The Stars

He was an immortal.
He had mentioned it casual to people over the past several millennia and especially over the last eight years, since, yeah, since, usually to chuckles, knowing nods and a pat on the arm. It was a great conversion stopper. They didn't believe him, he didn't care, he didn't know why he tried. Yeah, he did, so they would leave him alone. He could prove his immortality if he had to, as he had a hundred, a thousand times before. He chose not to.
He'd thought, as humans had evolved, they would be more accepting of concepts beyond their limited understanding. Their minds would be open to possibilities previously thought impossible, but they were philistines! He would show them. It was simple. All he had to do was live forever. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
Though he didn't have to live forever, did he? Not anymore, not when everyday was an eternity. That was immortality, every single day without Her.

Cover design, art, and brilliance Janet Sipl
324 printed pages
Original publication



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