Wallace Kelly

Shadow Work

“Discover the hidden forces that run and ruin your life!”

We all have a darker side, even if we're not aware of it or don't want to believe it. When you ignore this shadow though it gets bigger and stronger, and eventually starts making all of your decisions for you. You might think that you're consciously directing your life, but you aren't. In this book, Shadow Work — Understanding And Making Peace With Your Darker Side, I want to show you how you can work on healing your shadow-self rather than hiding from it.

When I refer to your darker side or shadow-self, I'm referring to the anger, fear, sadness, rejection, shame, denial, and embarrassment that we all stuff down inside. Why do we do this? Because, we're taught from a young age that these feelings aren't acceptable, so we go through life pasting on a false front and adding more layers to the shadow within. We then project onto others what we unconsciously view as faults within ourselves, and the more regret, pain, and suffering we face.

To change all of that, you need to discover why your shadow took up residence in the first place and all of the experiences that have added to its strength over the years, then work on resolving them. Soon, you'll be living the life you were meant to live by embracing those darker parts and making your shadow work with you rather than against you.

Whether you've struggled with money, weight, love, or just about anything else, after dissolving those shadows within, you should notice your life changing in both small and dramatic ways. You'll attract more positive people and better opportunities. Life will be happier, smoother, and far more abundant.
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    Yanna Dabulashared an impression12 days ago
    👍Worth reading


    Yanna Dabulahas quoted12 days ago
    If you want to heal your current relationship or find a more stable and fulfilling one you're going to need to do some shadow work.
    Yanna Dabulahas quoted25 days ago
    We can't see in others what doesn't exist within ourselves—good or bad.
    Yanna Dabulahas quoted25 days ago
    One of our biggest tasks in life is identifying and releasing the toxic issues that have been standing in our way.
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