William Cornelison

Seafarer Page

In the world of Avariu, there are as many majesties as there are tragedies.
As discord is confronted in Ederea, Vermalio continues its struggle against the Renegade threat. Veronica Alivvrn, a young noble child, begins her training for knighthood so that she, too, may protect her country.
Five years pass without anyone taking her to be their squire, but that does not discourage her. She continues to give her best efforts as a page while helping those in need, even those who cannot be seen. The lost spirits in the capital rely on her, the girl who can communicate with them, to help them find peace.
Despite her kind nature, many of her peers detest Veronica and go out of their way to shake her confidence. She must keep faith in herself if she hopes to progress in her training, protect Vermalio from its inner threat, and-if possible-find the spirit of her dead brother.
461 printed pages
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