Gila Nehemia

Surreal Love

Surreal Love is Gila’s first poetry book emerging from her womb space. Poems dive into her loving heart and trusting soul. Writing her mystical poems helped her find her voice and heal her pain of heartbreak and loss. Each poem takes you through vivid images, sensations, and feelings. Gila’s lyrical awakening words speak to anyone believing, fantasizing, and relishing soulful, sacred love and sexuality. Join her in an adventure to unearth the deepest yearnings of the heart to great spiritual heights.

Infinite Love

Closing my eyes and I feel your energy piercing through me
Covering my hands with my face
Allowing your frequency to encompass my spirit, my aura
Enveloping me like a cloak, safe, secure, and deliciously seductive
You see through me into my heart and soul
Moving beyond time and space
Sensing I am on another planet with you
A galaxy far, far, away
Calling me now
My heart is exploding, my body trembling
Anticipating your soft, electric touch on my skin
Your passionate lips touching mine
Your music igniting, vibrating every cell in my body
Into the infinite Oneness, the zero-point field
59 printed pages
Original publication



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