Nancy Taylor Robson

A Love Like No Other

Passion, heartbreak, scandal and triumph. Abigail Adams endured it all. Their love affair was as modern as any today. They married in 1764 against both their mothers' wishes. Passionate, independent and determined, Abigail bore John six children and struggled to raise, educate and launch them while he struggled to launch a career and a new nation. An uncommon partnership in any time. During the months and years apart, Abigail suffered the fears of any woman not only for her lover's safety but his fidelity, then drank in the passion of his homecomings. On her own with small children during the Revolution, she scraped together enough to pay the taxes only to have Congress renounce the currency, forcing her to start all over again from nothing. Though she was John's advisor and trusted partner — she single-handedly ran the family farm, bought and sold land, invested the meager profits and bartered for their sons' school fees while he was away — he ignored her when she demanded the right of women to vote. Proud of her lineage, she was faced with her family's shame. Worse, she was forced to watch helplessly as two of her children ended their lives in squalor on the eve of her 'Dearest Friend,' John's, greatest triumph. John and Abigail's lives and times — like ours — were tumultuous, demanding and uncertain. Abigail's concerns, particularly, are as modern as those of any woman today — retaining her own identity while sacrificing for her family, maintaining a loving, faithful marriage despite temptations to shatter it, raising children in the face of dangers and pitfalls, and finding the money to make it all work. A Love Like No Other is a timeless story of struggle, ambition, heartbreak and triumph, but most of all it's the story of an enduring love against all odds.
483 printed pages
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