Ann Massey


Ten years ago, a huge cover-up hid the fact that the International Space Station crashed in the Australian outback with a bio-warfare agent on board. Before the mercenary acting on behalf of a rogue Middle Eastern state is able to retrieve the deadly virus Mo Jones and Beth Godson the only witnesses to the crash made off with it.
Believing they'd rid the world of if the virus permanently they went their separate ways. Mo a decorated fighter pilot was seconded to the US secret service's terrorist surveillance unit while Beth back in Australia after several years of humanitarian work in Africa was a teacher and the author of a controversial anti-war blog. Flagged as a potential terrorist and with the G20 Summit due to commence in her home town in three weeks, Mo was sent to track her down. Discovering she was an innocent pawn in her former lover's scheme to assassinate world leaders attending the Summit, Mo and Beth joined forces.  But though they put a stop to the bomb threat, the terrorists behind the plot perished when their escape chopper crashed in a dramatic  air chase.
Now the only link to the high-ups behind the atrocity is Charter Air, the company that provided the getaway aircraft. With the object of finding out if the company has links with al Qaeda, Mo replaces the pilot who died in the crash while Beth is taken on as a cleaner when the former employee receives an offer she can refuse.
Never in their wildest dreams did the former fighter pilot and the passionate anti-war activist imagine that yet again Agent H  would be at the heart of a crusade to take back the Holy Land or that an ancient enemy had become an Islamic Messiah.
208 printed pages
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