Mary F Holley

Climbing Jacob's Ladder Genesis as a Pathway to fuller Life, Deeper Worship and Better Evangelism

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Climbing Jacob's Ladder explores the impact of the cross of Christ on life, worship, and evangelism in the context of our beginnings, the genesis of our world. Genesis is a deep well of wisdom. It tells us who we are, where we came from, why we exist, and what eternal life means.

Sin and Salvation: What does it mean to be Saved? Saved from what? Saved for what? Why was that tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden in the first place? If you have deep questions about good and evil, the nature of redemption, and the power of the Holy Spirit, this book is for you.

Deep Healing: How does the cross of Jesus meet our deepest needs and heal our most grievous wounds? What does it mean, “By His stripes we are healed?” If you have been wounded by the actions or inactions of other people, this book is for you.

Growing in Sanctification: Is there more to prayer than saying The Lord's Prayer and asking for things? How does intimacy with God work? Is the bride of Christ something we become only in the afterlife? Or can we know something of that intimacy now, in this life? If you long for an intimate relationship with God, this book is for you.

Gender Relations: Conflict between men and women scars our world beginning in the Garden of Eden. Does God take men's side in every argument? What does it mean to bring forth children in pain? If you think God can only be thought of as male, don't but this book: It will only make you angry.

Evangelism: Do only professional evangelists will people to faith in Christ? How can we be more effective in witnessing to the world what Jesus Christ has done for us? If you think hard core sales tactics are the best format for evangelism, don't read this book, it will only make you angry.

Ecumenical issues: How can we live with people of other backgrounds and religions all together on one plant? Is there any way God can save people who are not “our kind of Christians?” Can Jews teach us anything about the nature of God and salvation? Is it possible they have a relationship with Jesus that we don't know anything about? If you want God to condemn all Jews to eternal damnation, don't buy this book, it will only make you angry.

The author is a gynecologist who dropped out of medicine for ten years to be a full time evangelist, as founder and director of a national drug education program called Mothers Against Methamphetamine. She is the author of Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice, and The High is a Lie video. When the urgency of that cause passed from public view, she returned to medicine and now practices Gynecology in North Alabama. She also serves as medical director of her local rape crisis center. Dr. Mary Holley brings her personal life, including tragedy and terror at the hands of her abusive father into a story of healing, health and victory. With startling depth and intimacy, she offers her own story of healing to offer help and healing to other sufferers and invites you to Climb Jacob's Ladder.
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