Cee Nova

A Couple of Forevers With A Hustler

Gabriela Morris has always been a kind-hearted soul. Putting others before herself and thinking everyone had her best interest at heart as she did them. Finding love, she makes a drastic move from Austin, Texas to Chicago, Illinois to start a fresh life with her boyfriend. Everything is going smoothly until her childhood best friend moves to Chicago to be closer to her and shortly after, she no longer knows how to get a grip on things.

Chanel Rideaux has had Gabriela by her side through everything. When she was forced to live with Gabriela and her family when they were younger, it only brought the two of them closer. Chanel was always the sneakier one of the two but when Gabriela moved to Chicago without her, it set something off inside of her.

Clarence Banks, better known as Chicago, runs the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Being raised up in the slums, he was brought up as a cold-hearted savage until he met Gabriela and she brought out another side of him. The two of them become inseparable until things mysteriously go downhill in his organization. Going with his instincts, he already knows who the rat is but the hard part is knowing how to eliminate them.

In this story, friendships will be tested and relationships strained, with Gabriela in the middle of it all. Will she choose friendship or a couple of forevers with a hustler?
161 printed pages
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