Miller Bargeron

Journey Of A Successful Dreamer Journal

Since the beginning of time, there have always been dreamers. Some people have big dreams, and some people have what seem to be small dreams. Nevertheless, the size of the dream does not matter because our dreams ultimately contain the secrets to living a successful life. Unfortunately, most people allow their dreams to lay dormant inside of them and never live life within their full potential. There are many reasons why individuals do not follow their dreams, but most of them can be associated with some type of fear. However, we must rise above our fears and give our dreams a shot at becoming our reality. A dream can be revealed in the quiet of the night, but keep in mind that the fulfillment of our dreams do not manifest overnight. The course of manifesting a dream can be difficult, and many individuals never complete the process because they do not have a guide to navigate their Journey. Therefore the Journey of a Successful Dreamer Journal is a companion workbook that walks you through the dream fulfilling process described in the Journey of a Successful Dreamer book.  It is a journal that will help you document your process of becoming a Successful Dreamer.
39 printed pages
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