Gold Digger, Blair Erotica
Blair Erotica

Gold Digger

Jen is a maid but doesn't intend to stay one forever. The women she sees with good-looking rich guys can't do anything she can't, and she figures she might be willing to do more than some will. All she needs is the right opportunity and the right guy… and her passkey.
When Terry shows up, he has women around him, and he likes to keep them competing for his attention. He's the rich man, the piper, and Jen is happy to dance to whatever tune he plays to live that life.

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“You, Jen, are a gold digger,” he said.
I looked at him and didn't say anything. I needed to know where he was going with that thought. It was true, but…He grinned. “I know. That term is usually used to mean something rotten and cheap, but all it really means is that you are applying yourself to the goal of marrying or at least being with, a partner of means--because he has money. You just met me and the only reasonable attraction I hold for you, other than perhaps physical, is my money.”“Perhaps physical?” I laughed. “Modesty isn't your thing. But it's true enough that money is often a factor in any relationship.”He nodded. “The difference between a financial concern and your approach is that you are playing the game deliberately, not just dealing with it to decide among suitors. Money is more important to you than some other things. And that's fine, as long as you are good at it the game and understand it.”“It seems pretty simple, preferring wealth to poverty.”«It's rather intelligent.  I have no objection to an honest gold digger—the real deal because for a woman to pull that off she needs to be more than a hot slut,” Terry said. “Hot sluts are, in the scheme of things, cheap. A gold digger has to be able to hold her own in the circles her man travels in. For me, that's this hotel business. And a gold digger could prove herself useful.”«So your ideal gold digger needs to be whatever you need at the time… able to make charming conversation, and look sexy enough so other men are jealous?”“That's the basic idea, except that she needs to make women jealous as well. And if she works out, she can learn to do a lot more than that. I'm telling you this because I like you and I think you have potential. I'm willing to let you have a chance to prove you are this real deal.”“I'm game.”He nodded. «Good. Tonight I have a dinner appointment. I want you to go with me. If things work out well then I'll have a chance to see you plying both aspects of your trade—the charming escort and deliciously wild whore. Most women can do both to some extent—the challenge is to find the point when you need to switch from one role to the other.”“When you tell me to, right?”
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