Parley I Anderson

All This Sitting Is Killing You

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The modern technology of today has enabled Americans (and much of the world's population) to live a life of luxury and ease unparalleled in history. Computers, and more recently cell phones have become a regular part of our daily work lives. Cars are used daily to get us from home to work, work to home, and to complete many other daily activities. Television, movies, computers, and video games have increasingly become a regular part of our leisure lives. But this modern technology and life of ease has come with a physical and mental cost. A sedentary lifestyle complemented by our many hours of sitting has created an obesity epidemic in our population. A host of physical body ailments can be directly attributed to the many hours per day that the average American spends in the sitting position. Additionally, recent research has also suggested all this sitting can also cause issues with proper mental function. Many medical and health practitioners are finally beginning to realize the extent of this sitting problem or “sitting disease.”

Fortunately, there is much that can be done to reduce and abolish the many negative effects of sitting. This book is dedicated to help each of us fight the sitting disease. By incorporating simple and easy strategies, many of the problems associated with sitting can be reduced or eliminated. It is my hope that the information in this book provides a valuable resource for improving the daily quality of life for every individual that suffers from sitting.
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