Barend Van Kimball

Tuck and Nip

Tuck, a tall young, blue-eyed, black haired half-breed, is the son of a kidnapped Ute Indian mother, Spring Willow, and Otto, a murderously cruel white mountain man. During a hunt Tuck adopts a newly born gray wolf pup who soon matures into his constant companion as they confront man and beast alike. Along the way, he learns that his grandfather is a Ute chieftain, Walkara, Hawk of The Mountain, and the greatest horse thief in United States history. The conflicts Tuck finds as a half-breed bring him into the lives of many individuals of the American West’s early 1800s. Before long Tuck becomes the great Sioux Chief, Sitting Bull’s confidant and close friend who perceives Tuck as a spiritual man, offering visions of coming events. Emotionally Tuck struggles with loyalty toward his Indian heritage, but other white trappers, pioneers, Indian killing Cavalry, religious extremists, and those he thought were friends often ridicule and assault him. Exciting, dangerous events bring him to circumstances and choices he never envisioned possible.
281 printed pages
Original publication


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