T Ernest Wilson

Blood Sacrifices Of The Old Testament

Better understand the meaning and purpose of the Offerings and how they were all pointing forward to the Lamb of God and His one Sacrifice offered at Calvary, is the purpose of this book. T. Ernest Wilson takes us through the different Books of the Old Testament including the Psalms and Minor Prophets. He explains the Eternal Plan, Purpose and Promise of God in revealing His love toward the sinner and his sin. Also, the acceptance of man into the presence and family of a Holy God. It reminds us of the precious Blood that was shed by the Lamb of God to provide Redemption and Reconciliation for the sons of Adam. The reader of this book is encouraged to have their Bible at hand to read the Scripture references found throughout the text. The result for the reader of this book and studying the Scriptures relating to the Blood Sacrifices should be a greater appreciation for the Lord Jesus their Saviour, Substitute and Redeemer. Mr. T. Ernest Wilson was a missionary to Angola, Bible student and Teacher of the Scriptures who appreciated the study of the Offerings of the Old Testament. He has provided an excellent presentation of the different Sacrifices found throughout Scripture.
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