Joan Deppa

Seasons of Love

The beautiful, western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with snow covered hills in the winter; Lake Superior, as well as inland lakes and numerous waterfalls in the summer; and colorful leaves in Autumn, are the setting for three couples who discover new adventures and enjoy the nature that surrounds them. Is healing and love also possible?
Bonnie Turner has recently moved to Ironwood, MI, and is enamored by its beauty in the wintertime. While enjoying the beauty, Brad Jorgenson “bumps” into her and takes it upon himself to show her the sights and how to enjoy winter in the UP. But will Bonnie be able to show Brad how to release the anger and bitterness he's carried since childhood and introduce him to the Creator of the beauty he enjoys? Can God's love and forgiveness really make Brad's heart, «Whiter than Snow?» Will their friendship grow into love?
April Phillips, a friend of Bonnie's, feels she should never marry due to the history of divorce in her family. So instead, she pursues her dreams to learn to Kayak and buys an older house that she can make into the home of her dreams. However, Aaron Matthews has his own dreams — to marry April and have a family of their own. But first he needs to help her realize that God is able to break her chains of fear and give her a love that paddles through the storms and difficulties of life and thrives. Whose dreams will be realized? Can they both win? Find out in, Summer Dreams.
Missy Andrews, a friend of both Bonnie and April, loves helping people, but has a poor self-esteem and feels she doesn't measure up to other people's expectations. When Mike Reeves starts showing an interest in her, she feels he's not the man for her because of his position and what would be expected of her. But she doesn't want to be alone either. So, Missy struggles to find her purpose in life, love and happiness. Can Mike help her understand her strengths and weaknesses, face her struggles and sort out her priorities? Does God really have a plan for her life? Will it give her the happiness and fulfillment she's been looking for? Discover for yourself in, Autumn Discoveries.
577 printed pages
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