Ian Dolby


Harry Stevens, a Middle Eastern war hero, thought that recovering in Eden with his huge and mystical cat, Jasper, after his catamaran is bashed around by a storm, would be a delightful break from his sailing voyage around Australia. However, the finger of fate in the very pleasant form of an abused, runaway wife and her two lively, wilful and beautiful teenage daughters lands Harry in more trouble than he could ever imagine.
Harry’s hopes for a quiet time in this beautiful and peaceful town are shattered as he learns that the psychotic, vengeful husband is pulling out all stops in an effort to locate, not just his wife, but even more so the girls for his own, much darker purposes. Suddenly on the run, Harry is forced to fall back on his natural inventiveness and SAS training to combat an increasingly resourceful foe who shows that there is truly no limit to human lust, greed, depravity and treachery.
Barely staying one step ahead of his pursuers, Harry forms some most unlikely alliances to try to defeat his many opponents with their limitless resources.
556 printed pages
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    jenfuryshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    Great read! This is so Australian!
    Ian's attention to detail is unsurpassable and the thrill just keeps building as the story progresses. NOBODY knows what is going to
    happen until it does! Can't wait for the next instalment to see what Harry,Jasper and his crew come up with next.
    Keep it going Ian - please!

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