The Archdragon's Throne: Clash of Worlds, Craig Donoghue
Craig Donoghue

The Archdragon's Throne: Clash of Worlds

The evil usurper Velragen has been defeated and the Seed of Evil vanquished, but for Varim and the people of Altimecia, the problems are only just beginning. A permanent gateway has been established between Altimecia and Earth, and the United States military has occupied the capital city of Kouryuu, bent on taking revenge for the attacks on their country instigated by Velragen.
Varim and his companions must venture to Earth to remedy the situation, but little do they know that a new evil is brewing in the shadows, ready to unleash the technology of an ancient race and poised to threaten both worlds. Meanwhile, Astraea, the wise and powerful sorceress who aided Varim in his victory over Velragen, has her own plans…
360 printed pages
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