Samuel K. Ndawula

The Wrath of the Divine Scepter

There is a strong rumor that the final resting place of the biblical Ark of the covenant is somewhere in modern day Ethiopia. But when yet another strong rumor arises from the East African country that the rod, or stick, used by biblical Moses to produce water from a rock, and to part the red sea, had been found by a boy who was also predicting dooms — day for the world if the stick is not promptly returned to its rightful owner in heaven, the United Nations Special Archives Unit hires a firm that specializes in investigation of unique world issues to substantiate the rumor. The firm, Aden Communications Ltd, sends one of its field operatives, Kiron Day, to Ethiopia to investigate the issue. As Kiron gets closer to the facts, he also finds out that the United Nations was not the only interested party, and that some of these other parties were hell bent to claim the rod for themselves. Clashes become inevitable as the different parties scramble to lay their hands on the priceless artifact, but Little did they know that the mysterious artifact had its own deadly secrets. It's a winner take, or ultimately lose, all in this Kiron Day action adventure. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking!
333 printed pages
Original publication



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