Journal of a Submissive Husband: Jason's Story Volume 3, C.Kross

Journal of a Submissive Husband: Jason's Story Volume 3

25 printed pages
I knew what she was going to do. She was going to render me hairless like a woman. She sprayed the shaving cream underneath my armpits and shaved them bald. Then she sprayed the shaving cream on my chest and shaved my chest bald. Then she shaved my legs and lastly my balls. The only hair I had left was on my head. The rest of my body was bald. She then rubbed the lotion all over my body to prevent me from chaffing.

“There. All better.” She said with a grin. “The site said that I should remove all masculinity from you, starting with your hair.” Then she reached into the bag and pulled out a bunch of women’s panties in all different materials, but all in pink.
She then went over to my drawer with my boxers and pulled all of them out and put them into the shopping bag. “From now on, you are only wearing women’s panties. No more boxers. When we go out, you will wear a pair of panties. At home, panties. I am going to donate your boxers to the Goodwill. I am sure someone will love your designer boxers.
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