Samantha Jordan

The English Parent

Samantha writes from the heart as she explores the realities of parenting & the ups and downs of everyday life! As a parent we can so often feel as though we're inadequate & ill-equipped for the role. Nothing prepares you! Parenting can touch those unresolved issues in our lives, leaving us feeling vulnerable & often alone. We're often too ashamed to admit that we're struggling & try to portray a positive image, when deep down we're drowning. Samantha felt this acutely & we follow Samantha through a year in her life as she expresses the emotions she felt as a woman, mother, wife, daughter and friend! With a detailed and in depth mix of comedy, sorrow, pain, confusion and revelation; it's refreshing to get the opportunity to join a mother in her journey through life and see the power of her faith in God and love for her family! Written so refreshingly with real honesty, this book is so easy to read…that you don't want to put it down! This book will take you on a journey of personal discovery, giving helpful tips for relationship building, including how to place boundaries into relationships where needed. It is refreshingly honest and a 'must read' for any parent & anyone who finds relationships a challenge!
324 printed pages


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