Charlotte Bacon Ripley Sorenson

Charlotte's Way

In Charlotte's Way: A Woman's Path Through Changing Times, Charlotte Bacon Ripley Sorenson describes her 80-year life journey as a witness to and participant in the enormous cultural and technological changes that have impacted society in general and women in particular during her lifetime. From the pre-television era to the era of artificial intelligence; from a time when professional choices for women were severely limited to a time when women leaders are found in all professions, Charlotte's story is at once uniquely her own and very much all of ours. Joyfully open to adventure and diverse cultures and drawing from her experience living and traveling widely both in Europe and in Asia, Charlotte skillfully interweaves family anecdotes and spiritual and philosophical reflections with social, political, and historical facts and observations.

She writes with sensitivity, gusto, curiosity, and humor, placing intimate details and thoughtful insights in a broad context. Her descriptions of the natural world and our shared responsibility to the planet are thoughtful and vivid.
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