Kate Downey

Lucy Star @ 18

This book is an educational resource for parents, teachers, adults and teenagers to read about adolescent trans and gender diverse people. This book talks about Lucy’s journey during her teenage years and when at age 16 she needed stage 2 treatment — the cross changing hormones. Lucy talks about her depression at times during this period and the long battle she and her family endured before finally gaining approval from the Court. On 30 November 2017 the family Court in Australia legislated that trans adolescents no longer need the approval of the Court to gain access to Stage 2 treatment. History was made. Now that Lucy is 18, she has decided she will have surgery. Lucy made this decision herself after many years of deciding what was right for her.
Lucy celebrates her 18-birthday party and for the first time she can see a future. She is making plans to change the world and to educate people around trans and gender diverse issues.
23 printed pages
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