The Black Swan

Summary of The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Includes Analysis


The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a philosophical treatment of Taleb's

research on highly improbable, high-impact events. These events, which Taleb

calls “Black Swans,” are so improbable that they are unpredictable. However,

pundits and scholars are often inclined to fit such extreme events into a causal

narrative after the fact, in order to make history appear more organized…

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    mo9fhas quotedlast year
    The human mind creates the illusion of understanding things that are too complex for it to grasp, making chaotic events seem orderly and predictable in retrospect, and overvaluing neat classifications. Taleb calls this Platonifying, after the Greek philosopher Plato.
    Platonifying is the practice of assigning simple causes and classifications to complex events
    mo9fhas quotedlast year
    By definition, Black Swans are impossible to predict, but they can be imagined

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