Richard B Christie

The Incident

A Russian nuclear submarine was forced to surface two miles north of the American Aleutian Islands. Embarrassed because they were in the United States territorial waters, and shouldn't be, and also scared because a catastrophic radioactive leak had developed. It had forced everyone aboard to flee to safety from the back of the ship.

With the arrival of the U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Navy, the crew was safely rescued. Soon, and with the arrival of two Russian support ships, they hooked-up and towed the contaminated Submarine to a remote safe location, in the north Bering Sea, and sank it in deep water where it could do no more harm.

An incident investigation turned up a conspiracy that indicated there would be a likely attack on the American fuel oil supply chain. At the same time, several unlikely alliances between countries and companies appeared and created a strong competition across the globe.
With an attack upon a Mid-Eastern fuel storage facility, terrorist attack activity, and a planned attempt to sabotage United States' existing fuel transfer methods, the security of the world's fuel supply could be in danger.

159 printed pages
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