Muir Taylor


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Could this Iran Event be the 'Pearl Harbor Incident' of the 21st Century? In my new book I detail the exact script and scenario which is already planned out and what is about to transpire between America and Iran. It is the most life-changing event of this century and even this millennium, yet most people are totally unaware of the magnitude of its consequences.
When Iran is attacked and counterattacks, is that the beginning of a regional and then a world war? The Prime Minister of Malaysia has stated exactly this. Iran is a known proxy of Russia and China. They will not allow an unprovoked attack against that nation. Diplomatic sources have stated as much.
Who wants a war with Iran? Who benefits from wars? How is the U.S. President influenced?
Isn't this what Eisenhower warned about — the "military-industrial complex?" Right on, Dwight. And by the way, Iran is no longer using the petrodollar in its oil trades. Could that have incensed certain international bankers?
What about Trump in all of this? The New York Times wrote an article on this topic — you should read it. It's entitled «Secretive Bilderberg Meeting Draws Pompeo and Kushner.» Many people believe that this is the New World Order. Is this the Council on Foreign Relations on steroids? Does the Swamp still have influence?
Iran's objective is to enrich uranium to 90%. We go into detail in the book. I know of one major radio show whose host believes World War 3 is right upon us. Is it?
In the book I talk about EMP scenarios — because that's what will occur when we come against Iran. Russia and China have perfect EMP weapons, and Iran is their proxy. Can an EMP attack be untraceable? An EMP attack sends us back to the 1800s.
Washington knows how to provide us with good theater, but that's about all. It is up to the individual, as usual, to know what is really happening and to prepare. Order this book and know the secrets of what is about to happen, the planned script and preparations you can make right now.
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