Bryce McPherson

A Journey Through The Book Of Genesis

The (Book of Genesis) was put in written form more than two thousand years after the first man was created, and many phases of man's walk within God's creation were already in existence.

Such as-(Man’s fall from innocence into sin),(Sin's reward- death)

(The corruption of our fellowship with God),(The death of all living things that breath-by way of the flood),(A merciful God bringing a remnant of eight through the flood),(The choosing and separation of a nation as God's chosen people-Israel)

(How they fell into slavery),(How God delivered them from bondage)

All these events were written by a man that could not possibly have been there from the beginning: the time span until Moses came into existence would be more than seventeen hundred years, which is far to long for the writer (Moses) to possibly have seen all these wondrous events in God's creation as they were unfolding.

Although it seems God revealed these events to Moses in the way they are written for God's own reasons. Yet, this only adds to the wonder and greatness of this beautiful book, as it seems to reveal the true identity and authorship of the Book of Genesis as God, and that Moses was the man God used to put His words into written form.

It then becomes apparent, --- this book was revealed to Moses in the same way God unfolded His creation, --- God did this without attempting to justify or explain any of His reasons, --- or purposes, --- God only revealed to Moses the way He was unfolding them. As this unfolding becomes reality throughout the pages of these books of the bible; and moves through these glorious pages of the living word of God, we should see through three distinct time periods the different ways God began revealing Himself to man.

#1- The first time period is the: Time of the innocence of Man', (Adam and Eve), and extends through the falling away of man, and past the deluge.

#2- The second time period moves into that time period where He chooses a nation to be His people, and proceeds past the exodus, and past those generations of the kings of Israel, until it reaches the birth of our redeemer.

this second period; I will call the (time period of the law.)

#3- The third time period is the time after the birth, and Crucifixion, of our redeemer, which is called a (time of grace.)

Although, we must also understand, by our reading of scriptures, the finish of this time of grace, is not the completion of those things God will unfold, God reveals within these scriptures, there also will be coming a time of restoration, a time of re-making, a time of judgment, and a moment in time that the wrath of God will have it's completion.

(Did you understand what was said?)

There is to be a finish for this time period of grace?) please then, listen to Him today; God is calling us today: (Heb. 3:7–8)

Hebrews 3:7

7 Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, today if you will hear His voice.

8 Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness:

Yet you also should remember! The time that God reaches out and extends His wondrous Grace to all peoples, will indeed close: and once God closes this period of time, all, who have not accepted will have lost their God given opportunity.

Please then, think about this, because on the Day of Judgment it's over, so, come to Him while this day of Grace has been extended to you.

Although there is many dominate lessons we will learn as we read this book of Genesis, these two items stand out as very important for us to keep uppermost in our minds while reading:

a-To know there is only one God,b-To understand our great need of Him

a-Through reading this book it should leave a deep imprint in our minds that convicts, and convinces us: that one God was the creator of all things.
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