The Wicked Wit of the Royal Family, Karen Dolby
Karen Dolby

The Wicked Wit of the Royal Family

130 printed pages
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The Wicked Wit of the Royal Family celebrates the flashes of fun and brilliance of the most famous family in the world.

There is no doubt that the British royal family is THE most famous family in the world. Watched and picked over in the media for everything from fashion choices to baby bumps, sporting achievements to nightclub preferences, there doesn’t seem to be a moment when they can escape public scrutiny. But, somehow, they still manage to maintain a sense of humour — and it’s those flashes of fun and brilliance that this book celebrates.

From Prince Philip’s gaffe-prone remarks (most of which appear ON camera rather than off) to the ‘in’ jokes shared by the knowing smiles of the younger royals and the Queen’s wickedly dry and often bitingly funny remarks; from Prince Charles’s asides to the Duchess of Cornwall to the self-deprecating smile of the Duchess of Cambridge and the belly laughs that appeal to Prince Harry. This book presents the other side of royal protocol and perhaps gives a glimpse of the real lives of this much-loved clan.
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Margo Fernandez
Margo Fernandezshared an impression2 months ago
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kamilikus2000has quotedlast month
‘Why not?’ he replied. ‘Everyone else does.’
Phạm Hương Giang
Phạm Hương Gianghas quoted2 months ago
They may be royal, their day-to-day lives may be governed by tradition and protocol, the dignity that comes with duty, but in many ways the Royal Family are just like us, especially in their dealings with one another.
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