Hector Luis Bonilla

Gods of the Closet

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In the beginning there was a sort of human evolution not described on any ancient or modern text. This new release, Gods of the Closet, is here to set the record straight, and gay, if you get what we mean. Now for the global sexuality forecast…
There is no reason for us not to discuss our sexuality in social media, or here in this description. Just come out of the closet already. You earn it. Whether you are gay or not, it doesn’t matter. Here’s why…
According to an interesting human origins thesis called The Chronicles of Moon Earth featured at a website named hespesky.com, we are all naturally and unnaturally equipped with two brains and two souls. One of these two souls is male-sexually oriented, and it operates in one of the brains. The other soul is female-sexually oriented, and it also operates in the other brain. Sometimes these two souls complement each other. Sexually. Sometimes they fight for the ultimate sexuality of the individual.
What we see here is the origin of the Straight-GLBTQ human division and why there is mental separation between the two mindsets. By naturally equipped this website means the usual job of natural evolution. For the webmaster of hespesky.com, creation and evolution are actually one and the same process. By unnaturally equipped, they mean that the bodies of our early ancestors were tampered medically and surgically by an extraterrestrial species. They refer to these ancient aliens as the Anunnaki of moon Heaven. Moon Heaven is a moon of the Nibiru lunar system. More info on this at the Site.
Maybe you have heard of Heaven and Nibiru. But what you have not done is to visit this Site to find out the new way of looking at our early solar system and the Anunnaki gods that are said to have originated from this moon.
Does this sound like something you might want to explore? We certainly hope so. The surprise awaiting you is astronomical!
That we are ‘hermaphro-mind’ equipped, according to hespesky.com, is true for all humans. In other words, if the documentation to be found on this website is accurate, which is backed by a 37-year research effort, you, regardless of whether you were born boy or girl, happen to be both male and female! What?! Not ‘what,’ buy this book you must. You are a hermaphro-mind creature. So, be one with the minds. Buy Gods of the Closet today!
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