Louise Burton

Explicit Erotic Sex Stories: The Fairy Chess

Having supernatural powers is awesome, but this does not still make a man immortal; a man could be immortal against some form of special powers, but this does not mean that he would cheat death; there are many ways to die. The world was at war, and everyone was trying to win. Riffles, explosives are some of the various instruments of war. Welcome to enchanting Mozambique; despite the military help and help from the soviet, the place was a wreck; these and many more are a few of the wars that have been fought. Val and Veronique are a few of the soldiers sent to uphold Freelimo, a part known for its hostility and war zone. The hostility and war did not stop the soldiers from having explosive and explorative sex. val and her partner's intimacy are cases in which the sexual encounter was experienced. The sex was such an awesome one, and Val looked forward to having more encounters. Val was using the sex to drive herself away from the blame and the guilt. The war takes soldiers to places, and the girls and the sexual experience kept them going and strong. Even though nothing is ordinary, every soldier is hoping to win.
98 printed pages
Original publication
Louise Burton



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