In the Image of God: Male and Female He Created Them, James Lindemann
James Lindemann

In the Image of God: Male and Female He Created Them

The Creator chose to not be visible to His creatures, but is He really nowhere to be observed? Where can Creation glimpse its beloved Creator? Humanity has a unique reason for existing: it is in “the Image of God” – Jehovah’s visible reflection for the sake of the universe. What an honor, privilege, and responsibility! God’s reality rides on the shoulders of human beings, and many things He will do only through the hands of mankind. As our two eyes help us see in three dimensions, so also “the man” and “the woman” combined can demonstrate a wonderful depth to God. Just what does it mean to be “God’s Image” and “Soul-likeness” as demonstrated in the genders and their different tasks? The stated purposes for their creation is necessary to guide discussion about the role difference in – which is often neglected. Yet in this combination is how the Creator becomes tangible and real – to oneself, to each other (particularly in marriage), to their children and to the whole cosmos.
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