Reba Doreen McIntyre-Kindred

Quiet Rhymes

Quiet Rhymes is a book of poems that is designed for everyone. It is a mixture of prose and
rhyming poems. Some of these poems are serious and some of them are so funny that you will
find yourself laughing all the way through the verses as you read them. Some tell short fiction
stories while others get right to the point. There is certainly reading in this book of poems for

The title: Quiet Rhymes was chosen to compliment the author of this book. Reba McIntyre-
Kindred is well known for her captivating, quiet tone when speaking. She invites you to «COME
INTO HER WORLD OF GOOD» and explore it through her eyes and mind.

It has been said that poets are the most interesting people, because their creative minds have
the ability to see beauty in a dying rose. It is their nature to build up where others have torn
down. They see in color, and the language they speak is their paint and canvas.

70 printed pages
Original publication



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