First Lady N. L Johnson

Trying is Not Failing Failing is Not Trying

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I just want to start by saying “thank you”,
for making the decision to pick up this book, open
it, and read the contents. You have made a wise
decision, not because I wrote this book, but if you
have been reflecting on some areas of your life,
you may be wondering where your life is going,
what you actually want to do or stop doing, and
how you want to move forward — this book can
really assist you.
I want to encourage you today, by saying,
try and read a chapter of this book a day along
with the Bible, just to keep the momentum going.
When reading this book keep an open mind
and focus on what the words are saying to you as
an individual. Most importantly do your best to act
on this learning, as action is the best
reinforcement of learning.
Have you ever wondered what you would
do if you knew you couldn’t fail? In this book we
will examine the obstacles to success, and be
careful to remain solution focused: on how we can
overcome some of these barriers. We will also
examine the importance of faith in God, as well as,
the role of confidence and mindsets.
Trying is Not Failing, Failing is Not Trying!
Finally, we will look at the need to make
decisions versus procrastination. I hope that you
will find chapter seven on: “What’s stopping
you?” a real motivation, as we learn together that:
trying is not failing and failing is indeed not trying.
You can’t succeed unless you try. Success will be
forthcoming if you are determined, consistent and
proactive. It will also come once you have made a
decision to never give up.

Food for thought:
Procrastination is a killer of dreams, a robber of joy,
a murderer of purpose, and can cause a life of
missed opportunities. Be wise with your life and
who you choose to spend your time with.
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