Sje Mohntoh

Autumn's Torch

A man named Cidal, a struggling artist, creeps closer to middle age. There is a tug-a-war within him which forces him to take the highest aim possible in altering his situation. He walks a thin line between two extremes. He can see both sides clearly, but at certain times, the two converge into one. His fight is never with the outside world, but from within. He spirals into a severe downward state of his being.

A host of personalities enters or leaves his life. A mysterious drifter, a crackpot psychiatrist, a landlady, an escort, and a female suitor who are major influences in their own lives. They do very little to impact his. The hurricane within him is greater than the light drizzle of rain they provide him with on the outer surface.
218 printed pages
Original publication
Sje Mohntoh



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