Gregory Plotnikoff,Mark B.Weisberg,Steve LeBeau

Trust Your Gut

A personalized plan to restore gut harmony—and natural remedies for GERD or IBS pain—from two leading doctors in integrative medicine.
Of the main human body systems, our digestive system is our center. If you’ve been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disease or exhibit symptoms like chronic bad breath, gastritis, nausea, bloating, gas, cramping, constipation, or even incontinence—your gut is trying to tell you something.
Work towards lasting, natural pain relief with renowned mind-body specialists, Gregory Plotnikoff, MD and Mark Weisberg, PhD. Based on years of clinical research, their revolutionary CORE program offers a comprehensive, drug-free approach to healing. Inside learn how to reclaim your life by making simple changes in your diet and sleep and:
·       Reduce pain and other gut symptoms naturally
·       Promote a healthy digestion process without drugs
·       Rewire your brain-gut connection
·       Recognize and manage the five forms of stress that lead to digestive disorders
If you benefited from books such as The Mind-Gut ConnectionGut; or Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind; then you’ll want to read Trust Your Gut.
“If you or a loved one have suffered too long from gut distress, this book is for you. Trust Your Gut is a great resource for recovery. It will show you how to use scientifically grounded, natural methods that are easily accessible. I recommend it highly.”—Andrew Weil, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Spontaneous Healing
“Finally a book with clear guidelines for people wanting to solve their gastrointestinal distress and disease.”—Bill Manahan, MD, assistant professor emeritus, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center
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