William A Pepper

Hell's Cereal

We know that vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy bodies and minds. In Hell's Cereal: Very Short Stories Fortified With Essential Syllables we tried shoving stalks of asparagus between the pages of the book, but they kept falling out. You'll have to settle for feeding the hamster on the wheel in your mind with these stories; bite-sized bits of adventure and the occasional mediocre poem. Sometimes funny; sometimes serious. Like marshmallows AND toasted flakes!

In this box, er…book, you'll find: tomato carnage, diplopoda-based comedy, cereal to die for, boxing kangaroos, golden-age TV, submarines, Vegas, fighting robots, and a not insignificant percentage of spiders. There are families and zombies and maybe families of zombies. We grapple with existence and what comes next. Also car racing. So. Much. Car. Racing.
161 printed pages
Original publication



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