The Scarpacci Files, J.J. Caniglia
J.J. Caniglia

The Scarpacci Files

238 printed pages
A family, living in Carlentini, Sicily, is tired of living the life of a poor farmer. The countryside is beautiful. The ocean, amazing. Yet, the area is as poor as it can be. Times get hard and feeding the family becomes almost impossible. The Scarpacci family decides to move their children to the prosperous lands of America. The new world is much different than the old country. Life is harder, the work is harder, but the money comes easier. They are immigrants so they don't make as much as an English born American. Still, the freedom that they seek is everywhere if one is willing to work for it, yet it comes with a price.

The Black hand organization runs these streets. The little Italy neighborhood on the south side of Omaha hasn't been the same since they moved in. They terrorize the neighborhood, extorting everyone and killing anyone who resists. One man falls short of his monthly payments and began to fall behind. After months of nonpayment, he ends up paying the ultimate price, his life. Retaliation is a must. His two sons, Yano and Gino, must react. However, they are too young. Who will do something? Will other neighbors stand up against the organization and fight back, or will they continue to murder and destroy the neighborhood? Someone must stand up and stop them before it's to late and the entire neighborhood burns to the ground.
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