Marg McKinley

There's a Spaceship in the Hot Tub

“There's a Spaceship in the Hot Tub!” is a delightful story for Primary School age children. It is written as a culmination of fun adventures, country style living and the formation of valued friendships. It is a short, easy to read, fun book for everyone.

The story itself can be read by an adult to a child, to create a bond, in a beautiful and fun connection, or as an independent story for older readers. It
is based around my childhood adventures growing up with freedom and fun on my family farm.

The true beauty of nature is a constant theme throughout the pages, aimed to gently encourage readers to appreciate the simple delight that nature offers. Often, we all get caught up in life's struggles and demands, without taking the time out to simply enjoy what is all around us in the form of nature. The gentle breeze in the gumtrees, the beauty of the sun as it lights up the sky, or the serenity of a piece of water found deep within the bush.

The children are involved in fun farm activities, bush adventures and a local sports event which will have young sports enthusiasts eager to read on. The four children involved in the story line as the main characters, provide entertainment, whilst highlighting the value of real friendships. And the ease
at which real friendships develop naturally and have the capacity to enhance our love and enjoyment of life immeasurably.

If by reading this quaint little story one child smiles, enjoys reading or listening to this book, my goal is achieved.
My aim in life is always about bringing joy, and love into people's lives!

34 printed pages
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