Meditations on the Lord's Prayer, Michael L.Faber
Michael L.Faber

Meditations on the Lord's Prayer

How many of us have learned how to recite the Lord's Prayer as children? Perhaps we did this about the same time as we learned how to sing the National Anthem. It was something to be memorized, but probably not thought about, or even understood at that age. The question is, how many of us have thought about the Lord's Prayer, or understood it since?
Jesus taught his disciples the Lord's Prayer in response to the request, teach us to pray. We should take this prayer seriously as an important part of our spirituality. Pastor Michael Faber has broken down the Lord's Prayer into six parts, preaching a sermon on each part, in order to lead his listeners into deeper understanding and meditation on the riches the Lord's Prayer.
Join us as we explore the Lord's Prayer together through the pages of this devotional booklet!
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