Melvin A. Zelaya

Living Daily in the Kingdom of God: Experiencing the Promise of John 10

Melvin A. Zelaya launched his career in the mid 60's after graduating from The San Francisco Computer Academy as a System Analyst and later in the 70's, did a seven year stint with the IBM Corporation. Now retired, he worked the rest of his career as a sales and marketing manager with some of the major corporations in America.

He holds a BBA degree business and accounting from the University of Alaska, and an MBA in marketing from the University of Phoenix. Not a theologian by trade, Zelaya found it curious how today's church became so weakened as to be changed by today's culture as compared with a vibrant Book of Acts church who conquered theirs.

After four decades of searching, he has found that the problem is not the message itself, but its delivery method. “While churches filled me with head knowledge,” he says, «it was only God's ['חוּר]ַ (ruwach)' the Spirit of God that transformed it into a heart knowledge making for a faith that's impossible to be derailed or deceived.”

He considers himself as a walking question mark and, on the premise that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, he embarked on a search and discover mission after meeting and receiving Christ Jesus as his Savior in 1975, determined in finding out what God has actually said, rather than what the religious establishment has disseminated for the last 1700 years or so, that has made it more of a tradition, than a way of life.

However, in order to do this, he had to find out which of the “holy” books out there, are actually Holy. After several years of research he settled for the Bible, as proven by irrefutable evidence presented in his book, as the only real supernatural book and the rest, like the saying goes, is history.

He currently lives with his wife Miriam in the greater Metro Phoenix area living that life within that the Father offers freely, to anyone who comes to His Beloved Son for deliverance from the things about to come.
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