An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic
The Epic of Gilgamesh is roughly 4000 years old, making it one of the earliest known works of written literature. It comes from Mesopotamia (aka ancient Iraq), and features the Sumerian legends of the mythological hero-king Gilgamesh, who was actually thought to be a real ruler in the 27th century BC. The epic involves the king Gilgamesh – who has become bored and aloof by his rule – and his main homie Enkidu. Enkidu was raised by wild animals and likes to wrestle with Gilgamesh, but it is learned that he was actually created by the gods to distract Gilgamesh so he won't oppress his people. The two of them go on epic adventures, defeating monsters, killing the Bull of Heaven – basically bros just being bros. When the gods kill Enkidu, Gilgamesh gets depressed, and goes on a mission to become immortal. Will Gilgamesh finally gain immortality?
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