Wade Carey

A Walk Through the Market

What would you say if someone claiming to be an angel sent on assignment showed up one morning, sporting a ponytail and a Krispy Kreme T-shirt and calling you â€œdude”? Would you recognize him as a messenger of God and let him spend the day preparing you for a special mission?

Wyatt, a recent widower still grieving for his wife and estranged son, encounters Mick, a coffee-loving angel in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, and soon, their talk reminds us of long conversations we’ve had with good friends. Fueled by countless cups of coffee, lots of comfort food and their passion for God’s Word, Wyatt and Mick meander through the market, talking about everything from vampires to celebrity worship to whether pets go to heaven. During their lively discourse, Mick helps prepare Wyatt for a specific mission commanded by God. But a demon named Damon, in the form of a man, has other plans for him.

Enjoy a cup of coffee with Wyatt and Mick, and then walk with them past Seattle’s famous “flying fish” and along the waterfront as Wyatt learns about good and evil, gets glimpses of what heaven is really like, and takes in the biblical lessons from a version of â€œThe Three Little Pigs” unlike any you’ve ever heard. You’ll see that demons and angels don’t always look, talk, or behave in the way you might expect, and that even “regular dudes” can have a special calling.
375 printed pages
Original publication


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