Igor Artemjew

The Art of Immortality. The First Ring of Power

The first ring of force is the first book from “The Art of immortality” series.
The book is devoted to the focal point of a human being: life and death.
Three major types of magical arts are depicted in the book closely:
1.​ Art of perfection of the first attention’s ring
2.​ Art of perfection of the second attention’s ring
3.​ Art of unification of attentions to the first ring of force
The book breaks the secrets of Toltec magic and a path of the warrior.
The following subjects are considered in the book:
1.​ Freedom. Depiction of the world of Force, illusion of a choice and a path of the warrior
2.​ Internal Force, yin and yang, harmony of external and internal force of the human being
3.​ Myth about luminous ketatkoatle
4.​ Two ways of transformation and the new intention – of the second attention
5.​ Force – the dark ocean of realization
6.​ Parasites and energy dependence
7.​ Heart – the main center of human energy. Heart’s wings – opportunities that are opened by the heart.
8.​ Cross is the symbol of art of the energy entirety attainment
9.​ Breath moves the sun
10.​ Angel of death and realization of time – control’s force to act and change
11.​ Fear is the first enemy of a human being, seven human intentions
12.​ Four power tests – losses, difficulties, uncertainty and resistance
13.​ To be the loser, the judge and the victim!
14.​ Abstract core of the Force’s display
15.​ Eagle is the symbol of the Force
16.​ Action is the key to the change
17.​ Circle is a symbol of the stalker’s force: to restrict yourself and to track down, Toltecs were drawing two circles – of intention and of action. Action’s circle of Toltec is an order for the warrior!
18.​ The path of a warrior is individual! Always! For this reason, the warrior has no name! There are only the force, the party and the way. Fixation of oneself is a trap and a warrior has to avoid traps! Of individuality! To become a luminous creature, it is necessary to get gradually rid of anything personal and fixed!
19.​ The path of the warrior is the way of changing yourself (not the reality)

These arts depict the secrets of human’s psyche in detail and give a description of an individual interlink between us and the Force of the Universe that guides all of us.
Studying these arts uncovers an effective system of hidden magical capabilities development in each of us.
Mastering these arts gives a human being an opportunity to realize himself as a part of the great evolutionary design and prepare himself for the acceptance of the “IMMORTALITY GIFT” that is obtained by each of us at the moment of meeting death.
Value of the work, offered to the reader, consists in the deep research of the spiritual order system of the human, who has entered the path of the “warrior of an absolute freedom”.
254 printed pages


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