Diana Stephen

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Is it difficult to fall asleep for your child? Are you looking for a fun, comfortable way to interact with your children? Want to relax, develop language and listening skills for your child? If yes, this small selection of exciting children's stories packed with morals and lessons at the end will help.
Do your children like bedtime stories? Are you looking for a children's entertaining book? Bedtime Stories for Kids has it all!
The book is an excellent book for boys, girls, early readers, beginners, early listeners, kids, and pre-adolescent kids. Every story is easy to understand and relaxing! Many of the stories in this book feature essential lessons about honesty, gratitude, and teamwork, all of which are skills that your child might just be beginning to get a grasp on. There are plenty more lessons that can be taken away from the range of stories that have been featured in this book.

Stоrу/ poem Lіѕt

•Castle Trouble!
•The Caterpillar's New Home
•The Patient Neighbour
•A Sorry Tale
•The Magic Pail
•Terry Finds a Friend•Simone and the Two Cats
•Bones the skeleton had a problem.
•Thistle and Cotton
•Tony the Barn Cat
•Strong like a monkey
•A good night's sleep
•Chores are not a bore
•Teamwork outside of the game
And more…

Bedtime Stories for Kids is great for getting together with your children before they shine. It's also perfect and ideal to listen alone and give your children a lovely holiday and to add to their library.
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