Vestal Virgin

Cornelia Cosa is unwillingly chosen to be a Vestal Virgin for thirty years.
She begins her training as a novice, learning the ancient rites and rituals to Vestal, dedicating herself to guarding Vesta's flame
Set during the turbulent reign of Emperor Nero in 60 AD, when Rome worshiped many gods and goddesses,there is one group the Emperor will not abide— a group called the Jesus Followers. Led by Paul, under house arrest, Nero perceives them as a threat to Rome and begins to scapegoat those suspected as being a part of the Cult of the Nazarene.
When Cornelia sneals out one night with her follow Vestal, Vibidia, to listen to Paul preach, her life will never be the same. And when the augur, Lucius befriends her, she begins to understand how superstitious the Roman people are and how much credence they give to augusires, signs and omens.
Ms. Spada Basto weaves in the ancient legends and mythologies of Rome, alongside many of the festivals and rituals of the Roman people. Based on many true events, «Vestal Virgin: Chosen for Rome» follows the authentic timeline during the reign of Nerol, culminating in the Great Fire of Rome and the fate of the Apostle Paul.
325 printed pages
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