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Paul Laird

The Birth and Impact of Britpop

Remember the ninteties? Of course you do. Cool Britannia, New Labour, Blur vs Oasis, Geri Halliwell’s Union Flag dress, TFI Friday, “wasssssuuuuuuppppppp”, Opal Fruits turning into Starburst without anyone asking your permission…crazy times. This book doesn’t have anything to say about Geri’s dress or Opal Fruits but it has lots to say about Britpop. But this isn’t a book about the Britpop you think you know about, this is the story of a truly remarkable period of creativity in British guitar music told through the experiences of someone who was there from the first note of “Popscene” through to the run out groove of “This is Hardcore”. This is the story of the Britpop that didn’t make it onto the evening news or the cover of The Face. This is the story of the bands nobody remembers but that everybody should. This is the story of what it was like to be an outsider in 1991 and be too cool for school by 1994. This is the story of a magnesium flash in British popular music that has, for good or ill, defined British guitar music ever since. Here are Flamingoes and Pimlico, Strangelove and David Devant and His Spirit Wife, The Weekenders and Thurman…and Blur, Pulp, Oasis, Sleeper and Elastica too. These are Britpop memories from someone who was actually there. The definitive story of Britpop…
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    asty party’. The destruction of mining communities
    b1368482210has quoted4 months ago
    nasty party’. The destruction of mining communities
    Aminahas quoted6 months ago
    It’s a psychedelic, hazy, lazy Sunday afternoon of an album in places. A strident, powerful but delicate and beautiful album. It’s not Herman’s Hermits or the Droning Bones though. What it really is, is the sound of the now, informed by the past, maybe, but it’s also the sound of the future. A rejection of nostalgia, a manifesto for a new generation.

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